Retro trend — Marc Jacobs spring 2010 collection

A designer working with the past is Marc Jacobs who offers a good example with his Spring 2010 collection.It was very “late 1980’s does the 1940s/50s”, but in a very good way to incorporate them. Unlike the definitive mid-1980’s trends of the past few years, the spring 2010 ‘Marc by Marc Jacobs’ line mixed elements from the later 1980s into the early 1990s with retro 40s/50s designs. For instance, Jacobs mixed bold patterns with bright solids, which gave the clothing a very late eighties early nineties feel, with high waist pants and flirty high waist shorts nostalgic of the 1940’s. A recurrent theme throughout the show was the 1950’s style wide stretch belt. This belt trend was not only hugely popular in the mid to late 80’s, but also a very big part of 1950s fashion as well.  Jacobs used both eras immaculately, creating a modern version of both styles.




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